Our Team:
Executive Director Charles Pretlow
Paul Anderson Director - Public Relations
Pastor Pretlow has over 30 years experience in ministry, pastoral counseling, and leadership training and experience. He utilizes his B.S. in Business Administration and entrepreneurial background in forming the Jump Start Recovery Short-Term Shelter and Day Center into an effective operation in helping those who are forced into homelessness begin recovery.

(888) 575-9626 Ext 725  chuck@jsrecovery.com

Director of Facilitation - Brandon Frazier
Brandon has extensive experience in leadership training in the US Army . He came to Christ in 1993, and the Lord has given the drive and energy to effectively teach and facilitate recovery meetings and train others in facilitation. Brandon facilitate Jump Start Recovery life skills classes at our short-term shelters community rooms and JSR day center

(888) 575-9626 Ext 741 brandon@jsrecovery.com

Associate Pastor Mark Otto
Years of ministry, leadership, mentoring and counseling experience, along with the gifts of the Spirit has proven Mark is very effective in helping others work through the most difficult challenges. Mark facilitates Jump Start Recovery life skills classes at the Loaves and Fishes Homeless Shelter

(888) 575-9626 Ext 730    mark@jsrecovery.com

Marisela Runyan - Director of Operations
Giving a hand up, not a handout
  Helping the forced homeless and those in crisis begin recovery.
Mike Erickson - Day Center Coordinator
Shireen Tyler - Administrative Secretary
Rhonda Schirado - Instructor
Jump Start Recovery is a ministry of
MC Recovery Ministries
Paul's extensive background in working with the Teen Challenge men's recovery program makes him a perfect fit in performing public relations and fund raising events. Paul has the talent and desire to convey Jumpt Start Recovery's mission to instill support to help make this program effectively continue.

(888) 575-9626 Ext 744 paul@jsrecovery.com

Marisela's background work in recovery and managing staff and clients gives her the advantgage in directing the overall operations of the day center. Her abilbity to inspire and help the team stayed focused on mission proves invaluble.
(888) 575-9626 Ext 740  marisela@jsrecovery.com

Mike coordinates all the activities of the day center and the short-term shelter program. His past training and work with those in crisis and those without shelter makes him highly qualified in managing challenging situaitons and mentoring those in program.
(888) 575-9626 Ext 742  mike@jsrecovery.com

Shireen enjoys helping others recovery. Her background in administration and scheduling lends help to the team's effeciency and success. Give her a call when you need to know what's going on and what job or project a team member is tackling.
(888) 575-9626 Ext 743  shirene@jsrecovery.com

Rhonda volunteers her time to conduct skills classes. With her husban Mike, they have graciously partnered with Jump Start Recovery in providing cabins to help those who come to us in need of short-term shelter.
(888) 575-9626 Ext 744  rhonda@jsrecovery.com