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Day Center Job Search, Resumes, Support: Those in our Jump Start Recovery program have access to our day center and various resources. At the day center we provide help in developing resumes, budget development and expense tracking, computer use and Internet access for job search and online application, phone and fax, a place to rest, as well as prepackaged lunch, and guidance counseling.
Located within our fellowship facilities, we also help those staying at the local homeless shelter. Those staying at the homeless shelter can arrange for rides to and from the shelter. Another resource the day center provides is boxes of food, and help with local assistance such as food stamps and networking with other community resources for those in need.
A Small Start Towards a Full Recovery Center
Our ministry has been doing counseling and recovery work since 1988.  We specialize in facilitating Biblical recovery, helping wounded people overcome instability and learn to work through crisis. Learn more about our future plans at out vision page.

Short-Term Shelter Jump Start Recovery partners with local campgrounds and resorts: We help the homeless who have some income find short-term shelter. One of our clients, a working single mom with two teenage boys, lost income and could no longer cover rent. Another couple had no work, surviving on the streets and desperately needed short-term shelter to get back on their feet.
      As a 501(c)3 non-profit ministry we raise funds through donations to cover some of the rent and also give taxable donation receipts to our campground and resort partners for rent shortfalls.
      Some shelter partners give rental discounts, and some provide free shelter as a donation for short periods. Each participant is required to work towards giving at least 30% of their income for rent.  The goal is to offer short-term shelter for three to six months (length of stay depends availability and donations covering any rent shortfall until clients can afford to pay or find permanent housing).

Day Center Resources
 The day center's operating hours are Monday to Friday 9 to 3. This center offers a place to take a break to decompress, rest a little in a small lounge with TV and a DVD library. Those coming will have access to the following opportunities and resources:

* Pre-wrapped lunch and snacks - Monday through Friday. * Online job search and application submission assistance.
* Help in developing cover letters and resumes. * Use of fax, phone, and e-mail address set up. * Internet access via two workstation computers.
* Personal thumb drive to store files for permanent storage. * Wi-Fi Internet access for personal devices.
* Transportation on a limited basis for local trips. *  Pastoral Counseling and support network development.
* Special classes on job interviewing skills and general life skills.

Life Skills and Introduction to Healing: Keys to successful recovery:
Jump Start Recovery Life Skills is our crisis recovery workbook developed by Pastor Charles Pretlow and the MCI Recovery Ministry's team.  There are many Christian and secular models for support group and recovery work. Most use the 12-step approach popularized by Alcoholics Anonymous.
    MCI Recovery's model is based on Biblical principles and Christ's teachings that press to the root issues, where the Holy Spirit is allowed to heal wounds and trauma within the believer's personal spirit. This Biblical model works towards complete recovery. Our workbook lessons cover Christ's teachings on why things went wrong and how to stop destructive cycles; lesson range from restoring hope, breaking generational destructive traits, to resume writing, job search, and building confidence. This workbook is used at the local shelter with much success.
Giving a hand up, not a handout
  Helping the forced homeless and those in crisis begin recovery.
Jump Start Recovery is a ministry of
MC Recovery Ministries